Bread Week - Basic

About the Training

  • Training Code - BR
  • Duration - 1 Week
  • Timing - 9:30am to 11:30am THEORY, 11:45 - 4:00pm PRACTICAL, Lunch will be between 1-2pm (Flexible)
  • FULL Day training | GET Lunch box  | Classroom Theory | Hands-on-Practice | Demonstration
  • CERTIFICATE on successful completion

What you will Learn

Searching for the right bread to serve to your customers or loved ones... Bread Baking is an art blended with the science of Physics and chemistry of edible ingredients used and finally getting the best flavor and bite within it. Breads & Rolls week, one of IBCA's effective program makes you learn the ease of prefect bread making and also learn the art in combination with technique and variety. The raw materials used, procedure for making different breads is well related with its taste, texture, life and acceptability. The program is chosen for commercial requirement as well as hobby healthy home needs.

How does it Help you

With our past experience of Student completing this program, they have been confident in bread product making either as self consumption or to commercially produce. 

One can also choose this as a lucrative hobby and venture in business by starting a Home based bakery 

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Theoritical Learning

Chapters Covered

  • What is Bake & Baking?
  • Learning about raw-materials like wheat, flour, sugar, salt, yeast, water, fat & oils, preservatives, emulsifiers and add-on ingredients
  • Ingredient role in process and finishing
  • Role of enzyme & protein
  • Oxidizing & reducing agents in bread making
  • Costing of product
  • Bakers & actual percentage
  • Problems in bread making & remedies to solve
  • Different methods in bread making
  • How to make variety bread - for today’s health concern

Practical Hands-on

Workshop Practice


Sandwich bread, Dahlia bread, Multi grain bread, Sweet bread/ Milk bread / Fruit bread, Atta bread/ Brown bread, Olive bread, Dinner rolls, Pav buns, Burger buns, Challah, Soda bread, Soup sticks, Lavash, Semolina rusk, Naan, Parata, Focaccia, Pizza base, Pita bread, Chelsea bun, Hot cross buns, Swiss buns, Doughnut, Savarin, Brioche, Cinnamon babka twist loaf, Bee sting and more...

Training Fee - INR 13,000.00

Includes Training booklet and raw-material used in class. 

Products made in class is distributed proportionately to the participation.

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