Chocolate Molding - Basic

About the Training

  • Training Code - CMP
  • Duration - 1 Day
  • Timing - 11:00am - 3:00pm PRACTICAL, 
  • Lunch will be between 1-2pm (Flexible)
  • FULL Day training | GET Lunch box  | Hands-on-Practice | Demonstration
  • CERTIFICATE on successful completion

What you will Learn

Have you always wanted to become a Chocolatier or Chocolate Maker? Get started with IBCA school for chocolate making or chocolate molding. Learn how to manufacture chocolate, different procedures in filling or coating, use chocolate molds and create professional chocolate recipes.

Learn to Mold Chocolate and create variations like center-fills, rocks, coated and print on chocolate in this Practical one day Training at IBCA. The 4 hour session will make your enjoy being with a trained faculty who will relate the delicious chocolate into interesting forms and great tasting products.

How does it Help you

With our past experience of Student completing this program, they have been confident in Chocolate product making either as self consumption or to commercially produce. 

One can also choose this as a lucrative hobby and venture in business by starting a Home based bakery 

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Theoritical Learning

Chapters Covered

  • Chocolate basics
  • Tempering chocolate
  • Methods to process
  • Kinds of fillings and garnishes
  • Finishing of chocolate - SHAPES
  • Refrigeration
  • Packaging and storing chocolate

Practical Hands-on

Workshop Practice

Truffle balls, Strawberry filling, Caramel filling, Biscuit filling, Flavored chocolate, Print on chocolate, Liquor filling, Nutty rocks, White and dark chocolate fudge, Caramel moulds, Chocolate rochers

Training Fee - INR 3,000.00

Includes Training Recipe and raw-material used in class. 

Products made in class is distributed proportionately to the participation.

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